Past Work

Feasibility and Research Buffalo CarShare

Concluded that Buffalo, NY was feasible for deployment of car sharing. This spurred funding to help launch the system. (2007)  2007 Primer


Operations Buffalo CarShare

Developed and operated Buffalo CarShare. In 2015 Buffalo CarShare was acquired by Zipcar. (2009-2015)

2 Year Report


Feasibility and Research Capital CarShare

Guided the development and launch of an independent car sharing company in Albany, NY. (2014)


Research and Development Electric Vehicle Car Sharing

Researched and launched electric car sharing vehicles to determine feasibility with partner organization Energetics.  (2015) Final Report


Elderly and Disabled Transportation Research

Researched how car sharing model can adapt to the elderly and disabled.  (2013) Report can be provided upon request.


Operations Volunteer Vanpooling

Piloted a volunteer vanpooling system that focused on transporting the elderly and disabled to and from healthy food options. (2015) Vanpooling Newsletter


Consulting (back office) Capital CarShare

Onboarded and trained staff in the Capital Region. First, helped with back office and technical support and eventually moved to being completely independent. (2014-2015) Report can be provided upon request.


Consulting BikeShare and CarShare Technology Development

Aiding in of the development and decision making of new alternative technologies. (2014) Report can be provided upon request.


Low Income Marketing Transportation Projects

Conducted multiple niche marketing campaigns that focused on low income populations and alternative transportation options such as car sharing, biking, bike sharing, and transit (2012-2014) Report can be provided upon request.


BikeShare Feasibility Buffalo BikeShare

We concluded that Buffalo, NY was feasible for deployment of bike sharing. This spurred funding to help launch the system. (2011) Report can be provided upon request.


BikeShare Operations Buffalo BikeShare

Developed and operated Buffalo BikeShare.  (2012-present) University Report


BikeShare Demonstration Project Albany, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY, Schenectady, NY and Troy, NY

Month long moving demonstration project that educated, surveyed and provided data for municipalities that were interested in bike sharing. This region is now looking to implement a permanent bike sharing service. (2014)

Albany Short Summary


BIkeShare Demonstration Project Jackson Hole, WY

Month long demonstration focused on a 'non-traditional' smaller community. (2015) Report can be provided upon request.


Grant Writing, Reporting and Fundraising Assistance

Have been awarded multiple alternative transportation grants from state, federal and independent foundations. (2007-present) 

Bikeshare Research for Medium Sized Cities

Industry research of operating models, vendors and funding options of bike sharing for smaller markets. (2016) Report can be provided upon request.

Volunteer Transportation Research of New York

Industry Research of Volunteer Transportation Organizations (VTO) in rural and suburban markets in New York. (2016) Report can be provided upon request.

Methodology of Site Planning for Flexible/Smart Bike Sharing Systems in Smaller Markets (2017)

In depth methodology on the process of site planning smart bike sharing systems.  Information can be provided upon request.

Bike Sharing Analysis of Niagara Falls, NY (2017)
An overview of bike sharing in Niagara Falls NY.

Bike Tourism Campaign Erie County  (2017)
Campaign focused on creating economic impact through bike related activities.






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