We have the expertise to help guide and launch innovative transportation systems in your community.

Car Sharing/Bike Sharing Consulting and Technical Assistance

SMI specializes in markets that are ‘off the beaten track’.  SMI believes no matter what the size and demographics of a city, car sharing can be applicable. Current models need to be adjusted to work with diverse markets. This takes innovative strategies that rely heavily on community input and hyper localized strategies to be successful.


Shared Mobility Feasibility, Demonstrations and R&D

An integrated approach that combines research and feasibility with a practical demonstration component. Demonstration projects not only provides the community with a hands on experience, but also provides valuable data that aids in planning and deployment of a full system to work.  


Smaller markets can receive the same benefits as larger markets when it comes to electrification. SMI will assist in funding identification, site planning and testing of electric based transportation options.  


Integrated Shared Mobility Planning

SMI believes the future of transportation focuses on many different modes of travel and how these modes communicate with each other. A harmonized approach to marketing and outreach combined with intertwined technology is essential for a successful transportation system. SMI has the experience to direct this process through their familiarity with many different types of modes  shared transportation and transit. National Center for Mobility Report 


Transportation Demand Management Planning (TDM)

TDM planning is critical for any community looking to reduce single occupancy vehicle trips and therefore help alleviate parking congestion within a system.  TDM’s are unique based on each community's need and resources, but the goals remain the same, transportation behavior change. A TDM plan is necessary in this process of change.





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