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As part of our nationwide work supporting community-controlled transportation options, the Shared Mobility Inc. team is often seeking new and innovative partnerships to support emerging mobility programs in projects nationwide.

See below for any open opportunities and check back often for more updates!

Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI):
Bikeshare services vendor for Project MOVER

Shared Mobility Inc. and the Project MOVER team requests expressions of interest from electric bikeshare vendors to launch an e-bikeshare system in Westchester County, New York as part of Project MOVER. The e-bikeshare program will consist of up to 300 e-bikes once the program is fully deployed, with the initial deployment beginning in the Village of Ossining in 2024.

Project MOVER was awarded a $7 million grant from the New York Clean Transportation Prize program, administered by NYSERDA. The project’s mission is to bring affordable, clean, electric micromobility options to Ossining and surrounding communities along the Hudson River.

We encourage all qualified vendors who can provide e-bikes and related hardware and software solutions for our e-bikeshare program to submit responses to Mitch LaRosa, SMI's Chief Development Officer (, no later than January 26, 2024 at 5pm eastern time.


See the attached RFEI for more details!

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