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Our Research

Since our humble beginnings as Buffalo CarShare in 2009, our team has recognized the important role research plays in advancing accessible and sustainable shared mobility programming. Research informs work with our partners to pilot, develop, and operate innovative transportation options serving disadvantaged communities nationwide.

Check out some of our research reports below.


This infographic explains the manifold benefits of e-bike access for both personal health and community well-being.


This report details the work of Buffalo’s East Side Bike Club, and how it can incorporate both inspiration from precedent studies and feedback from the community.


This report discusses the best strategies to increase the footprint of shared mobility services into smaller and more rural markets.


This report details SMI’s efforts to provide inclusivity and ease of access for older adults, people with disabilities, and veterans.


This report concerns the expansion of shared mobility programs all across New York State, made possible by the contributions of both public and private investors.


This report documents SMI's Buffalo Bikeshare, a service that was the first commercial deployment of dockless bike share technology.

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