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What is EMM?

EMM, or Electric Micromobility, is a term used to describe small, electrified transportation options. E-bikes and e-scooters are some of the most popular EMM options.  


E-bikes come in many different forms including pedal-assist, where you receive a gentle, electric boost as you pedal, and throttle-assist, where you control the electric boost via a throttle on the bike’s handlebars.


E-scooters are electrified scooters designed for riding while standing or sitting, propelled by an electric motor whose speed is regulated through a throttle on its handlebars.

How do I ride EMM devices safely?


It’s important to make sure you use safe riding practices when using any type of EMM devices.  This includes things like wearing a helmet, signaling to other road users, and making sure to not ride in inappropriate places, such as sidewalks.


Watch this video below to learn more about EMM and how to stay safe while riding!

Where would I find EMM devices?

Generally speaking, the two main ways folks access EMM devices are either personally owning them or through shared systems, such as scootershares and bikeshares, that offer devices stationed throughout a community that users can rent, on demand, for one way or roundtrip journeys.  Different shared options will vary from community to community.


Shared Mobility is supporting several different EMM programs, most notably E-Bike Libraries that offer e-bikes for folks to ‘check-out’ at no cost, just like a public library.  Watch these videos below to find out more about our work with our partners at the East Side Bike Club in Buffalo and the Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative!

East Side Bike Club's E-bike Library

Create a Healthier Niagara Falls Collaborative's E-Bike Library

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