Who We Are

Shared Mobility Inc. is a Buffalo-based nonprofit that advances innovative transportation services that focus on a shared model.


Using cutting-edge technology and best practices, Shared Mobility Inc. builds mobility systems that serve neglected communities and smaller, more challenging markets. SMI was incubated by Buffalo CarShare - which was sold to Zipcar in 2015 - and this same core staff continues their commitment to the expansion of carsharing in Buffalo. From ridesourcing companies like Uber and Lyft to carsharing and bikesharing systems, SMI focuses on community-based strategies to improve mobility for everyone and grow these networks for lasting impact.

Shared mobility is a term used to describe transportation services that are shared among users, including public transit; taxis and limos; bikesharing; carsharing (round-trip, one-way, and personal vehicle sharing);  ridesharing (carpooling, vanpooling); ridesourcing/ride-splitting; scooter sharing; shuttle services; neighborhood jitneys; and more. (Source: Shared Use Mobility Center Chicago, IL 2018 www.sumc.org)

Our Core Staff


Michael Galligano CEO

Rachel Heckl Systems Research and Expansion Specialist

Mitch LaRosa Lead Planning Specialist

Partner/Affiliate Firms

Creighton Randall Principal, Mobility Development Partners











640 Ellicott Street #441
Buffalo, NY 14203