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We believe that affordable, accessible, and equitable mobility is a human right

We strive everyday to help build innovative shared transportation programs with local partners across the country that help uplift the communities they serve. 

What we do

What We Do


Micromobility systems are a vital component of a region’s transportation system. Electric and conventional micromobility systems are a backbone of active transportation and are most effective when integrated with other programs.

Volunteer Transportation 

While often not as visible, volunteer transportation programs provide essential access to services for those without a car, especially those in rural areas.


Our roots trace back to Buffalo CarShare and we continue to find ways to build equitable carsharing.

Strategic Mobility Planning

A foundation of our work is working directly with municipalities, community-based organizations, and others in the communities our programs serve. Coordination and open-dialogue is important to making shared mobility systems open and equitable for everyone.

Demonstrations and Pilots

No successful shared mobility program can be put in place without progressive, intuitive, and locally-focused education efforts. Demonstrations and pilots are a crucial piece of our work.

E-bike Libraries

We are partnered with local community-based organizations around the country to launch community-controlled transportation options that are completely free to use. E-Bike Libraries provide access to pedal assist e-bikes through programming models designed by and for marginalized communities. 

Learn more about our E-Bike Library work by clicking the button below






Our Team

Jennifer White

Marketing Advisor

Jen serves as the advisor for marketing and PR for SMI’s in-the-field programs. She is an avid bicyclist and an advocate for more active transportation options.

Senior Staff
Mike Galligano


Mike led the creation of Shared Mobility Inc. and has been instrumental in the organization’s work since the formation of Buffalo CarShare. He serves as the CEO and is responsible for growing the organization’s work in equitable shared transportation nationwide.

Anders Gunnersen

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Anders has helped advance and grow SMI as it has branched out from providing innovative shared mobility solutions in Western New York to working at a nationwide scope. When he is not SMI’s CFO, Anders and his partner manage an all-organic, urban farm on Buffalo’s East Side.

Simon Husted_edited.jpg
Simon Husted

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Simon initiates all communication on behalf of Reddy Bikeshare, as well as forge stronger relationships with community partners. Simon is an avid bicyclist, transit rider, and an advocate for more active transportation options.

Mitch LaRosa

Chief Development Officer

Mitch leads the development and deployment of mobility programs across the country. His work is focused on electric micromobility, bikesharing, volunteer transportation, and equity-focused transportation programs.

Tyler Madell

Program Director

Tyler’s role is focused on continuous improvement and innovation of SMI’s programs and the partners the organization works with. His research and development work has been essential to new shared mobility initiatives from coast-to-coast.

Marli Parish

Partnership Development Lead

A lifelong bike rider, Marli uses positive attitude and desire to make connections with advocates and other community-change agents to focus her time and energy on working with groups in Buffalo's burgeoning cycling community.

Shane Paul

Director of Technology and


Shane works across the SMI team with a focus on developing new, equity focused programming with SMI’s E-Bike Library pilot concept. In addition to this, Shane is also the founder of Queen City Couriers, a Buffalo-based bike courier service.

Matthew Rebmann

Operations Manager

Matt oversees and manages the Reddy Bikeshare fleet of 400 bikes across Western New York. His role in day-to-day operations is key to the success of the program throughout the year.

Nathan Schultz

Operations Director

Nate directs SMI’s on-the-ground mobility operations, leading an innovative, diverse team that are connected to the communities they serve. His work is primarily focused on bikeshare and other micromobility operations.

Our History

Shared Mobility Inc. (SMI) of Buffalo, New York, is a transportation solutions nonprofit that focuses on cutting-edge technology and best practices to build mobility systems that serve disadvantaged communities in small and mid-sized markets. These communities are not traditional markets for shared mobility operators, and SMI’s work often requires tailoring mobility solutions to fit the needs of each area. 


Founded in 2009 as Buffalo CarShare, SMI has transitioned to work across the mobility spectrum. Throughout its 10 years of experience, SMI has worked across the shared mobility spectrum in the fundraising, deployment, growth, and evaluation of bikesharing, carsharing, volunteer transportation, vanpooling, and transportation demand management programs. It seeks to apply the same social-equity focused mindset to its nationwide portfolio of projects.

Our History
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