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CDPHP Cycle! launches 8th season

We are excited to launch our eighth season of CDPHP Cycle!, the capital region’s bike sharing program! This year, we are thrilled to add even more bikes, bringing our fleet count to over 600, including state-of-the-art electric bikes provided by Drop. As one of only a few independently operated bike share programs in the nation, our team prides itself on providing great, efficient, community-based service for the region.

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has been a leader in providing shared transportation options for over a decade. In 2014, CDTA along with the Capital District Transportation Council (CDTC) conducted a feasibility analysis and demonstrations of bike sharing in the capital region. This research, along with hands-on experience, confirmed what many advocates knew: that bikeshare would not only work but be a benefit for residents and visitors of the region. In 2017, with supporting sponsorship by CDPHP, the CDTA launched a 160-bike fleet in four cities. As predicted, bikeshare was embraced by the community who took over 11,000 rides in only five months!

Over the following years, both fleet size and ridership increased. There are now CDPHP Cycle! bikes available in six counties and 10 cities and towns in the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys. To date, users have taken almost 300,000 rides, pedaling 598,000 miles, burning 25 million calories.

As the eighth season launches in the next few weeks, CDPHP Cycle! is expanding again. The fleet will now consist of over 400 electric pedal-assist bikes and 200 pedal bikes. Users will now be able to go farther, faster, and to more places. Both pedal and electric pedal-assist bikes will be available in even more locations and municipalities. Existing system areas will see increases in bike quantity as well as new bike hubs to allow even more access to the bike network. Moreover, CDPHP Cycle! bikes will be located at many of the new CDTA bus rapid transit stations to help with transportation gaps.

We look forward to seeing you out there on a bike. Let’s ride!


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