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First Year Impact Summary - Buffalo CarShare

The Team at Shared Mobility has concluded its first survey and impact results of Buffalo CarShare. Below are some findings:

Analysis of our first annual member survey shows that our members drive an average of 300 miles less per year. The survey, ( which was completed by 80 out of 144 members at the time, with a 56% response rate), asked a variety of questions about usage, satisfaction with service, and member demographics. Buffalo CarShare will conduct this survey again in early 2011, at which point we expect to have between 350 and 400 members to survey.) Five (5) respondents were able to give up a car after joining, and 30 others either decided not to purchase a car or postponed purchasing a car once becoming members. These responses show we can help take 11 private cars off the road for every CarShare car in our fleet. These shared cars are often far more fuel efficient than the cars they replace.

Based on membership growth, we can estimate that we’ve helped our members drive about 42,000 fewer miles than they would have without our service during the first year of our operation. This means members pumped 1900 fewer gallons of gas and avoided emitting 36,700 lbs of carbon dioxide. (Sources: Bureau of Transportation Statistics. and Energy Information Administration)

Interestingly, more members stated that they drove more after joining (23 respondents or 29%) than reported driving less after joining (19 respondents or 24%).

However, as the distribution at the right shows, the additional mileage of those who drove more was offset nearly 2-1 by those who drove less. On average, the former drove only 22 miles more per week, while the latter drove 51 miles less per week than before joining.

Of the 23 respondents stating that they drove more, 16 had no household vehicle before joining. Anecdotally, many of our members report not having owned a vehicle for many years before joining. The potential of our service to enhance mobility is a topic of intensive study for us, so stay tuned.

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