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Shared Mobility Inc. Pilots Vanpooling System

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

With Erie County Senior Services and the Salvation Army

For the next 3 months, Shared Mobility Inc. will be piloting a volunteer transportation program utilizing Buffalo CarShare volunteers to transport Seniors to healthy food options twice a week. Utilizing a wheelchair-accessible van, SMI will pick up folks located on the East Side of Buffalo and bring them to Salvation Army for a healthy meal as well as recreational activities.

“ I joined the Shared Mobility Team working on bikes, and now I am leading the dispatching of the volunteer vanpool program,” said Anders Gunnersen, Project Coordinator. “This project has already seen benefits for folks just wanting to socialize, and get out of the house.”

People interested in the program will be required to reserve a seat 24 hours in advance notice to be picked up. Pick-up times are as follows for the months of October-December and have a total of 12 seats available.

  • Tuesday’s Pickup 2-3PM Drop off 6-7PM

  • Thursday’s Pickup 2-3PM, Drop off 6-8PM

The van is wheelchair accessible, so SMI asks folks to signify if they need that assistance.

For more information please email or

Also, check out this article on funding the wheelchair-accessible van.


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