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CDPHP Cycle! Expands Service

In 2017 Shared Mobility Inc. consulted with Capital District Transportation Authority to help build a locally run and economically sustainable bike sharing program in the Capital Region of New York. Since that time CDPHP Cycle! has expanded from just over 150 bikes, to now 500 with over 85 locations. We are incredibly proud to work with CDTA as they are at the cutting edge of transportation.

During this project Shared Mobility Inc. provided a variety of expertise in these topics:

  • Business Planning

  • Vendor Selection

  • RFP/RFI Design

  • Operational Models

  • Financial Projections

  • Siting and GIS Analysis

  • Marketing and Outreach Campaigns

  • Fundraising

Interested in learning more about Shared Mobility Inc? Send us an email at


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