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Reddy Bikeshare Launches in Buffalo, New York

We are excited to announce that Reddy Bikeshare is launching in Buffalo, New York! Shared Mobility Inc. and Independent Health teamed up to roll out 200 “smart” bikes with GPS capabilities with over 30 stations across Buffalo.

“We are proud to support yet another initiative that encourages exercise and recreation in our region, while also providing an alternative means of green transportation, boosting the local economy and further advancing the revitalization of Buffalo,” said Dr. Cropp. “We want to thank everyone who offered suggestions and insight on where to locate the pick-up and drop-off stations. This insight and engagement were extremely valuable, truly appreciated, and helped greatly in the final determination of those locations.

“We have long been known as the City of Good Neighbors, but we are increasingly being recognized as one of the most bike-friendly communities in the U.S. The rollout of Reddy bikeshare is the latest in a series of efforts to create healthy, environmentally sustainable, community-friendly transportation options in the City of Buffalo. Let’s get ‘reddy’ to ride,” added Dr. Cropp.

Rack locations were chosen based on public feedback gathered from the “Get Reddy Buffalo” campaign conducted this past spring as well as criteria such as available space, pedestrian traffic, population density, and each site’s vicinity to bike infrastructure and transit options.

“More than 800 votes were logged both online and in person with a considerable public appeal for specific locations including Delaware Park, Broadway Market, Buffalo Museum of Science, the downtown Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, and RiverWorks as well as Canalside and the Allentown and Elmwood Village neighborhoods,” said Mike Galligano, CEO of Shared Mobility. “Riders will be able to pick up Reddy bikes at all these locations and plenty more.”

Bike share systems currently operate in more than 60 U.S. cities, including New York City, Washington, D.C., Santa Monica, Calif., Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Indianapolis. The city of Portland, Ore. is also launching a 1,000-bike program this month, using the same GPS-based bikes manufactured by SoBi as Reddy bikeshare.

Justin Booth, executive director at GObike Buffalo, said "We're thrilled that residents and visitors will have greater access to bikes through Reddy bikeshare, and excited to see the continued positive impacts that biking brings to the City of Buffalo. Biking brings happiness to people’s lives and is good for our economy, health, environment, and the quality of life for all residents. Together, we can build a better city through biking.”

Bike sharing is widely recognized as a healthy mode of travel that is a convenient, alternative mode to driving. The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has signed on as a corporate partner of Reddy bikeshare to offer access to the program as a campus amenity. Other Institutions that have taken advantage of corporate partnerships include the University at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, Canisius College, and Buffalo’s first Westin hotel, opening this summer at Chippewa Street and Delaware Avenue.

Reddy bikes allow riders the flexibility to park at any public bike rack within city limits with three different parking options.

  • Free parking zones - located on Elmwood Avenue, Allen Street, downtown on Main Street as well as at the Broadway Market and the Buffalo Museum of Science. In these zones, riders can park at any Reddy rack or public bike rack for free.

  • Preferred parking zones - available for the rider’s convenience to drop off a bike closer to their destination. Reddy racks outside of the free parking zones will cost a rider $.25 to park.

  • Public bike racks - riders will also have the freedom to park at any other public rack within the city limits for a small fee of $2.00

At any time during a trip, riders can also take advantage of the bike’s “hold” feature which allows the rider to lock the bike to any public rack, temporarily, for up to two hours. “For example, if you’re an annual member starting on Hertel Avenue, you can ride all the way to Tifft Nature Preserve, spend a couple of hours enjoying the outdoors, and ride back for a trip cost of about $1.15,” said Jennifer White, the Marketing and Communications Executive at Reddy Bikeshare.

Annual passes are available with a membership rate of $55 for 12 months plus an additional $.01 per minute to ride. Independent Health members will receive 20 percent off the annual pass membership rate. Visitors to the city can purchase a short-term pass for $8.50 and ride for $.06 per minute for 30 days.

Reddy bikeshare also allows group passes for $20 and $.06 per minute which allows four users to ride under one account. This pass is also valid for 30 days.

For more information check out their facebook or this article.


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