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Reddy invites Annual Pass members to Pilot E-Bikes

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Beginning Tuesday, the Reddy Bikeshare Team is adding electric pedal-assist bikes to 6 stations across their bikeshare network. The bikes are available to be tested out by annual Reddy Bikeshare pass members as part of a two-month-long pilot program. This season, the Reddy Team wants to learn how e-bikes are best used amongst members of their loyal user base. They will be contacting the people who unlock the e-bikes most often to gather feedback.

This fleet of e-bikes owned by Shared Mobility Inc., are electronic pedal assist that activates one when the user pedals. The bikes travel no faster than 20 mph, categorizing them as Class I e-bikes.

Here are the key things to know about this pilot program as it rolls out:

  • Unless locked by users somewhere else, members can find a pilot e-bike at one of these six Buffalo stations:

    • 201 Ellicott, 201 Ellicott St

    • Seneca One, 1 Seneca St

    • Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, 603 North Oak St

    • H.H. Richardson Complex, 844 Richmond Ave

    • Delaware Park, 1215 Amherst St

    • Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt Pkwy

  • Users are asked to lock these e-bikes preferably at one of these six stations but are permitted to lock them at any Reddy station or free-parking area within our network. Ending a trip elsewhere will automate a $2 out-of-station fee to offset the cost of our staff relocating the bikes at a later time. Folks who end a ride outside of Reddy’s service area are subject to a $25 fee. No different than the rules Reddy Bikeshare members are used to.

  • As a pilot program, no per-minute usage fees are involved. Merely unlock the bike by scanning the QR code on the back, and return it to one of our stations. Feel welcome to provide feedback via email at or our SoBi smartphone application.

  • The e-bikes are available only to annual pass members. People with an active annual pass membership are automatically enrolled in the pilot. Folks who are not can subscribe today by clicking here. Use promo code Ebike2022 to discount the annual pass 50% to $27.50.

  • Our fleet managers will be replacing batteries as we relocate the bikes back to one of six designated stations, but before unlocking the bike, please be mindful to observe the four-dot battery monitor on the handlebar console and estimate the distance of your trip. A full battery on these bikes provides assistance anywhere between 20 and 25 miles. If the bike runs out of battery for the pedal assist, please pedal it to one of our stations and lock it up. No need to call customer service.

Photo 1: When planning a trip, check the four-dot battery monitor to see how much e-pedal assist is left. A full battery can run between 20 and 25 miles.

Photo 2: Every e-bike will have a QR code stamped here in the rear to electronically unlock bikes. Just like our normal Reddy Bikes, use SoBi application’s scan-to-unlock feature to unlock a bike.


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